Pneumatic tool set PT-06

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    Pump and blow gun set 6 items


    The blow gun is an indispensable tool in every professional workshop as well as in the home garage. The gun is comfortable, lightweight and practical. Ideal for removing dirt from nooks and crannies, holes that are difficult to access, and for blowing water out of cracks and crevices.


    The pneumatic wheel inflator with pressure gauge is an essential tool for every garage. The gun is comfortable, light, practical and aesthetically pleasing. The gun has an air release valve and a rubber gauge cover.


    The 5m long air hose is used to supply all pneumatic tools. Made of polyurethane, which makes it flexible, soft and durable.


    Set of three tips for inflating balls, mattresses, wheels, toys and other products.


    Inflating pistol:

    • Pump gun hose length: 350mm
    • Pressure gauge scale (working range): 0 - 15 bar / 0 - 220 psi / 0 - 1500 kPa
    • Size of quick coupling: 1/4"


    Blow gun:

    • Max. operating pressure of blow gun: 8 bar
    • Nozzle diameter: 2mm
    • Size of quick coupling: 1/4"



    • All elements of the kit are characterized by high, perfect workmanship.
    • 5m spiral hose for connecting air tools, spray guns, other pneumatic devices or for extending air hoses.
    • Blow gun will be helpful for removing dirt from hard to reach places.
    • The set includes 3 tips that are helpful in inflating balls, pontoons, car wheels, toys, mattresses, among others.



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