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Parkavimo sistema su LED ir 4 davikliais MAX LED

Parktronikas su 4 davikliais

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Parking assist system is a device that supports parking and reversing the car. It works on the principle of sonar - emits ultrasonic waves that allows us, after reflection from the obstacle, to conclude what is the distance between car and obstacle. At the time of withdrawal device correctly detects obstacles and warns the driver.


MAX-LED display display has a modern design, the housing is covered with a black glossy coating (piano black).

Indicates the distance to the obstacle to the nearest tenths of a meter.

Built-in buzzer warning about the obstacle has 3 volume modes (high, low, muted).

Indicator size: 12 x 1,5 x 3cm

Long of cable: ~5m



The set includes

  • 4 black sensors ø 22 mm
  • LED indicator - Buzzer inside
  • main unit
  • the hole saw to drill holes in the bumper
  • instruction manual


Full specification:

Range/working sensitivity


Power supply


Working frequency


Work temperature

-30 ° C - +70 ° C




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