LED Headlight LED H7-6 50W RS+ Slim Series

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    This model of headlihg have a special metal adapter H7-6 used in some models of cars. Befor making the purchase, verify the type of adapter!!!!


    LED Headlight „RS+” Series is characterized by very high quality of workmanship which is merited of using Philips Lumileds Z ES LED diodes.

    In comparation with the S + series RS+ are SLIM.

    Elastic, specially designed copper radiator makes installation in vehicles with small area inside of lamp easier then it has ever been before! The best halogen bulb’s horizontal light cut off line’s mirroring on the market makes this model being very safe- it doesn’t blind oncoming drivers! 25W per lamp gives more than 3500 lumens what means that its effectiveness is better then xenon lamps’. Controler cooperates with Canbus systems, what gives a possibility for installing it in the latest car’s models, not causing burnt bulbs error. Durability of LED diodes is predicted for 30000 workhours, what gives about 3,5 years of continuous lighting. Possible installation in cars with 12V and 24V (trucks) installation.


    Full specification:


    6000K perfect white

    Current consumption [mA]

    2000mA (12V)


    6 x 4W Luxeon ZES / each lamp

    Power consumption [W]

    25W each lamp


    No error

    Radio interface problem

    no radio interference

    Voltage [V]


    Work temperature [°C]


    Light beam [lm]



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