NSSC Daylight running lights-523HP LED

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NSSC Daylight running lights-523HP LED

daytime running lights are used in daylight instead of low light. The lamp is designed for curved bumpers for which straight LED DRL lights are not suitable. Often used in Audi A4, A6, Q7, VW Passat, Taureg and other vehicles. With this lamp you save up to 80% energy. It's a daylight that doesn't require a complicated connection. The headlight is connected directly from the battery + ACC and is suitable for standard vehicles with STAR / STOP system and hybrids. The disconnect function is standard, from the position light when the lights are on. There is an additional 50% dimming function.

Features and Benefits: The shape of the headlight is curved so that it is suitable for very curved bumpers Audi A4, A6, Q7, VW Passat, Taureg, Opel Zafira, Fiat Croma, Mazda 323, etc. The aluminum alloy housing ensures efficient LED cooling Efficient light diffusion with the help of a reflector Certified and labeled according to EU requirements E4 RL00 Suitable for all vehicle types 12V and 24V. In addition, there is a function of position lights with 50% dimming - not certified High quality lighting and even a 12 month guarantee. Item Description: The lamp body is made of an aluminum alloy Certified and labeled according to EU requirements: E4, ECE R87 The lights are water and dirt repellent The CAN-BUS system does not interfere with the vehicle's computer system and is compatible with the vehicle's audio devices Automatic DRL headlight on function High quality and wide angle lighting Lamp dimensions: length 301 mm, height 19 mm, depth 47 mm Supply voltage DC 12V or 24V 2x 5 pieces of high-performance LED light-emitting diodes Power of a lamp 5W (1 piece LED 1W) Product code: DRL523HP, NSSC 523 HP Colors: LED white Manufacturer NSSC Lighting The set contains: 2 pcs. LED daytime running lights 1 pc. Switchboard Fasteners Connect cables Product code: NSSC DRL523HP, NSSC 523 HP Warranty: 12 months. * * - The guarantee is given when the product is used for non-commercial purposes. Advantages of DRL: Saves fuel The car's alternator is less loaded The service life of the battery and light bulb is extended Less harmful gases are released into the environment The car is more noticeable on the road High brightness and a large viewing angle ensure more safety in traffic Modern and contemporary point of view

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