Battery charger 12A 6/12V with jump starter 75 A

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    Robust charger for all types of batteries (lead-acid SLA, AGM, GEL)

    - Charging voltage 12V/24V

    - Fully automatic charging process

    - Charging current: 12A, recommended for acoustics. with a capacity of 8Ah to 180Ah

    - Displays the percentage of battery charge and current voltage on the battery

    - Automatically carries out the regeneration process when a deeply discharged battery is detected

    - Function to indicate the current charging power of the alternator in percentage

    - Starting assist function 75A, petrol engines up to 3000cc, diesel engines up to 2000cc

    - Robust clamps and metal housing   

    - Reverse connection and short-circuit protection

    - Overload protection 80A

    - LED display provides a user-friendly operation with a preview of the charging status

    - Cables 16mm2 with a length of 150cm

    - Power supply cable 190cm


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